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PAVOCARD's Expense Card gives you and your employees a maximum of independence in everyday business. When reserving trips, rental cars or other errands necessary for the job, every employee has at any time the option to use the MasterCard, administered by the employer. 

Administrative and time-consuming travel expense statements are greatly simplified because the employee does not have to use his private credit card. In addition, this increases the company's commitment to the company. 

As an employer, you can provide as many cards as you need to your employees and manage them via a centralized system. A personal budget can be made available to each employee, which is available for a certain period of time. Ideal for field staff, consultants and professional groups with high travel expenditures.

  • Flexible money and card management
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • Independent of location
  • Rechargeable at any time
  • Always under control by employer