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Allow your employees a whole new sense of freedom when choosing the restaurants for their lunch break.

With PAVOCARD Lunch, we offer an innovative product that increases employee satisfaction and simultaneously is an instrument for saving taxes and social contributions. On request, your employees receive a MasterCard with your company CI and logo on it. This card can be administered, charged and blocked independently by your company. 

All relevant tax authority and accounting information can be viewed and used live through the management portal.  You can manage all employees centrally and easily with one single login. The employees do not have to order, pick up or carry a voucher. 

PAVOCARD lunch, because digital payment is just smarter!

  • Up to 126 € per month in Germany and 216 € per month in Luxembourg per employee
  • Flexible money and card management
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • One-Click charging and one-touch payment
  • Regardless of location
  • No limited partnerships
  • Fits in any wallet