With PAVOCARD Reward, you signal your employees personal recognition. It is not just a “thank you” for persistent commitment and willingness to perform, it’s a symbol of appreciation. PAVOCARD Reward ensures that your appreciation is really received.

Whether it’s for weddings, birthdays, births or simply as a sign of recognition at the end of the year, PAVOCARD Reward is the perfect solution for one-off and recurring special payments to employees, partners and customers. PAVOCARD Reward, in particular, enables you to allow these special payments to be tax-exempt or even tax- and social-tax-free.

  • Value estimation simple and digital
  • No patronal costs and minimal tax
  • Plannable budget
  • Reduction of administrative costs

Examples of special payments in Germany:

  • Up to € 252 per year for advertising costs according to § 22 No. 3 EStG
  • Up to € 528 per year as tax-exempt benefits pursuant to §8 para. 2 sentence 11 EStG
  • Up to 348 € annually as tax-free gifts for special occasions
  • Up to € 10,000 per year as a flat-rate allowance according to §37b EStG with a flat rate tax of 30% of the net amount
  • Up to € 600 per year for employees' telecommunication expenses

Examples of special payments in Luxembourg:


Advertising costs up to € 540 per year

  • Travel expenses up to € 2,574 per year
  • Tax-free gifts up to € 1,500 annually
  • Tax-free gifts for special occasions:
  • Up to 2,250 / 3,400 / 4,500 € with a company affiliation of 25/40/50 years
  • Up to € 1,120 per 25 year company anniversary
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